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One of the most char- ming symbols of United Italy is «The kiss», the famous painting by the Venetian artist Fran- cesco Hayez, considered the greatest exponent of the historical Romanticism. «The kiss» is one of Italian operas that best represents the passion and patriotic Italian dream.

The Kiss by Hayez was presented at the exhibition of Brera 1859, three months after the triumphal entry to Milan of Vittorio Emanuele II and Napoleon III ...

. The work, clearly inspired by the Risorgimento, presents a poignant kiss between two lovers, in an atmosphere that expresses the danger (with shadows you can see over the wall) and indicates an imminent departure, suggested by the man's foot on the step. In the first version among the colors there is also the blue, a symbol of France that had contributed to the liberation of Lombardy and Veneto, but the color fades in the edition of 1861, when the national colors with green dominate, highlighting autonomy now reached from Italy.

With his art Francesco Hayez expressed the expectations and concerns of the Risorgimento, epoch of which the Venetian painter was, with Giuseppe Verdi and Alessandro Manzoni, the greatest interpreter, contributing together with them to build the cultural unity of Italy, even before it became political unity. To him the Milan Galleries have dedicated the most complete and updated monographic exhibition, with three versions of "The kiss", image that continues to tell a great passion, symbol of the redemption of a people and synthesis of dreams and sacrifices of those who fought and are fighting for a better Italy. (Felice d’Adamo)


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