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«Cultura Italia» is the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities portal and it proposes a guided access to the world of Italian culture. Thanks to innovative IT solutions, it collects and organizes millions of information on the resources that make up the country's rich cultural universe, making it available to users of the network.
«Cultura Italia» is an innovative project in continuous evolution, whose overall objectives are shared with the Regions, Local Authorities and Universities, which play an important role in the realization of the initiative. It proposes an integrated and innovative access ...

to the world of Italian culture and allows the discovery of resources of all kinds through a simultaneous search on numerous databases of museums, libraries, archives, galleries, exhibitions, monuments, made available by partners; it is a constantly growing collaborative network; a wealth of data that is continuously enriched thanks to the adhesion of new subjects and institutional realities. Today there are more than four million cultural resources on the portal, made available by the project partners, thousands of cultural articles, news and service information, a reasoned guide to five thousand Italian cultural websites and hundreds of video files.
«Cultura Italia» our country also presents online a national portal in line with those of many other European countries. The portal is based on an important experience that has seen the Ministry for Cultural Heritage coordinate many European projects in the field of digitization of cultural heritage and for access and use on the net. The continuous exchange with other EU countries has ensured a shared knowledge of standards and guidelines.
«Cultura Italia», as a national content aggregator, contributes to the creation of Europeana, the European digital library with which it shares the use of the same models and technologies: over one million of cultural contents have been sent to the European portal through «Cultura Italia».
«Cultura Italia» is an Action Plan, launched in 2005, aimed at digitizing cultural heritage and using it online. This has allowed not only the involvement of 400 institutes, but also the creation of a digital network that has created more than 150 websites of prestigious cultural institutes and an infrastructure that connects about 500 companies.
A special section of
«Cultura Italia» concerns the artistic masterpieces preserved in the Italian museum structures, together with the national registry of the 'places of culture', shared with the Regions and Istat, the National Institute of Statistics. (Anna Ferrero)


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