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The particular reality of the European Union has led to the creation of an institutional system articulated and responsive to the principle of integration while respecting different identities.
The main European institutions are:

European Parliament: is elected directly by all European citizens every 5 years, develops the policies and laws that apply in all countries. The number of Members of European Parliament for each country is roughly proportionate to its population: the Lisbon Treaty states that no country can have fewer than 6 or more than 96 deputies. The ...

meetings of the whole Parliament take place in Strasbourg (France) and in Brussels (Belgium); Luxembourg is the seat of administrative offices.
European Council: his members are Heads of state or government of European Union countries, European Commission President, High Representative for Foreign Affairs & Security Policy. It
sets the general priorities of the Union, but has no legislative power.
Council of the European Union: is the voice of European Union member governments, adopts European Union laws and coordinates European Union policies. Each European Union country holds the presidency on a 6-month rotating basis.

European Commission: is the executive of the European Union and promotes its general interest. It represents Europe as a whole, proposes new legislation and ensures that the rules approved by Parliament are implemented by individual states. His members are nominated by national governments, 1 from each European Union country.

Court of Justice of the European Union: ensures European Union law is interpreted and applied the same in every country; ensures countries and European Union institutions abide by European Union law.
European Court of Auditors: checks European Union funds are collected and used correctly, and helps improve European Union financial management.
Other Community bodies with specialized functions are European Central Bank, European Investment Bank, European Economic and Social Committee, European Committee of the Regions, European Ombudsman, European Data Protection Supervisor, the Publications Office , the European Personnel Selection Office, the European Administrative School, European External Action Service, specialized agencies and decentralized bodies carrying out technical, scientific and management tasks.

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