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«Italian is the fourth most studied language in the world, the eighth most used on Facebook, and potentially involves 250 million people. The influential Italian speakers in different countries are many and contribute to the prestige linked to culture, language and tourism. Italy's cultural and linguistic promotion network is present in more than 250 cities in the world, but in order to be used to the best, it is necessary to increase the awareness of its  importance also among Italians ...

themselves». To say this is the Ministry of Italian Foreign Office, that works hard to the diffusion of the Italian language abroad.
Italian is the most studied language in the world after English, French and Spanish. Abroad many love Italian literature, Dante and Manzoni certainly, but also many contemporary authors. Narrative, poetry, non-fiction arouse and the musicality of Italian language involves. Beyond the commercial exchanges, many are the scholars who immediately associate Italian language and culture, many are those who know the great Italian lyric, who study Italian language attracted by the ‘made in Italy’, by fashion, by art, by cuisine and gastronomy too. Today Italian is also a vehicular language of the Church, increasingly replacing Latin, and also the Synod wanted by Pope Francis was the common language of bishops and cardinals. According to Luca Serianni, professor at the University La Sapienza of Rome and author of successful scholastic texts, such as the
Italian Grammar and the History of the Italian language, in favour of Italian they play some traditionally positive perceptions related to Italy, from artistic and natural beauties to the traditional prestige in areas such as fashion and design. According to Serianni, it should not be forgotten that in the Hispanic world the strong affinity between Italian and Spanish pushes many towards the study of our language, above all in South America and especially in Argentina; in the Mediterranean countries, from Albania to Malta and North Africa, the role of television was basic.
Institutions committed to the diffusion of our language abroad propose to support Italian as one of the languages ​​of globalization. They argue:
«The growing interest in our language, our culture, our history is to be promoted among the citizens, because it is a fundamental part of the national identity and that uniqueness that attracts tourism, resources, investment, international interest. Our language tells our story and is our future. At the same time, towards foreign countries, our language is also a powerful and versatile vehicle for the development and growth of the country on all international scenarios. The goal is to give rise to a jump of conscience in the country and a widespread cultural movement that makes Italian one of the leading languages ​​of globalization, associated with the terms good, beautiful, peace and dialogue. It is a heritage that, if recognized, is an element of growth».
The supporters of our language in the world have developed strategies for the diffusion of Italian abroad and the ideas emerged from the General States have been gathered in a "white book": a manifesto that includes the elements of reference for a linguistic policy of Italian in the era of globalization.

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