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«To feel like a community means to share values, perspectives, rights and duties. It means "thinking about our- selves" within a common future, to be built together. It means responsibility, because each of us is, to a greater or lesser extent, a protagonist of the future of our Country,

It also means being respectful of each other. It means to be aware of the elements that unite us and to fight, as it is should be, for one's own ideas, to reject hatred, insult, intolerance ...

which create hostility and fear.

I am well aware that some people will say: this is rhetoric of good feelings, that reality is unfortunately a different one, that there are many problems and that we need tothink most of all about security.

Of course, security is a condition for a peaceful existence. But safety begins from here: from an environment in which everyone feels respected and respects the rules of common living. The demand for security is particularly strong in some areas of the Country, where the arrogance of the mafias is felt more heavily. And in many urban suburbs where degradation favours the spread of criminality. Free zones where the law is not observed are not acceptable and one sometimes gets the impression of inadequate institutions, with citizens feeling alone and defenceless.

True security is achieved effectively, preserving and guaranteeing the positive values of coexistence. Security is also work, education, a fairer distribution of opportunities for young people, attention to the elderly, serenity for pensioners after a working life: all this is more easily achieved by overcoming conflicts and supporting each other.

A few weeks ago in Turin some children gave me the honorary citizenship of an imaginary place, which they called “Felicizia” (a mixture between friendship and happiness) to indicate friendship as the way to happiness. A dream, maybe a fairy tale. But we have to be careful not to confine our dreams and hopes to the childhood season only. Like these values aren't important in the adult world. In other words, we must not be afraid to express good feelings that make our society better». (from Year-end message by the President of Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella)

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