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An alliance has been formed by Eni and Coldiretti to develop the Italian agricultural biomethane supply chain and make mobility more sustainable from a circular economy perspective. Eni and Coldiretti signed the collaboration agreement with the aim of developing an advanced Italian supply chain of biomethane produced from waste for use within the transport sector, leveraging the waste and byproducts that are produced from agriculture and livestock. The memorandum of understanding was signed in Lodi at the Padano Technology Park by the ...

President of Coldiretti, Ettore Prandini, and the Chief Officer of Eni Refining & Marketing, Giuseppe Ricci, in the presence of the Under-secretary to the Presidency of the Council, Guido Guidesi. Eni and Coldiretti announced their goal to create the first supply network of agricultural biomethane "from field to pump", aiming to produce 8 billion cubic metres of "green" gas by 2030 and helping the environment.

Biomethane is derived from biogas, a renewable energy source that can be produced and consumed in the form of compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG) and can contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as well as assist in agricultural and agri-food development, sectors that play a strategic role in Italian growth from an economic, employment and renewable energy production perspective.

The collaboration between the parties aims to promote the construction of new biomethane production plants. Coldiretti includes 1.6 million associates and is the largest organisation representing agricultural entrepreneurs at a national and European level. It will deal with the dissemination among its member companies of a management model for agricultural byproducts and waste, allowing them to be used as raw materials in biomethane production.

Eni will focus on its production, transportation and input both in the Italian sales network and in networks dedicated to the same associated companies, as well as offering Coldiretti associates proposals to use alternative fuels with low levels of carbon dioxide emissions for vehicles used in agricultural activities. Experts at Eni and Coldiretti will work to further develop the collaboration, tasked with defining feasibility studies that will aim to identify the various types of associated companies, particularly those that have the ability to create systems for biomethane production.

The agreement between Eni and Coldiretti is a cornerstone in the evolution of the linear economy system, which starts from matter and ends with waste, towards a circular economy model based on a new paradigm between the environment and economy in which today's products are tomorrow's resources.

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