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The European Parliament elections take place from 23 to 26 May. Through a direct vote, citizens of the European Union will elect Members of Parliament (MEPs) who will shape life in the European Union for their five-year term . . . and beyond. Through participation in democracy, we raise our hopes for a better Europe and a better future. The European Union commits itself to justice, peace, solidarity, and human dignity. Churches share these values and believe that the economic, social, spiritual, and ecological aspects of our lives are intertwined ...

and cannot be dealt with in isolation. Shared concerns connect our lives across all kinds of boundaries and borders. The global ecological crisis, economic struggles and unemployment, the arrival of refugees and rising nationalism all dramatically reshape life in Europe today.The issues that are most pressing for the churches in Europe today include migration and asylum, climate change and sustainable development, the European social model and the future of work, economic governance, human rights and religious freedom, and the role of Europe in the world. We hope to inspire and enable our Member Churches, Organisations in Partnership, and National Councils of Churches to become active in the elections.


The European Union: an area of shared values

Human dignity, justice, freedom, peace and reconciliation, tolerance and solidarity are core values at the heart of the European project. Churches are committed to working for a better Europe and support the European project in order to pursue shared values and the common good. We seek to build bridges, overcome historical divisions and increase a sense of responsibility to the world. In the face of conflict, we are called to act as agents of reconciliation and fight oppression.


Future of the European Union

The European Union has been constructed as a community of shared values from its very inception. This vision is further enshrined in the first articles of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. The ideal of common values has, however, recently been under increasing pressure. The danger of populism and political extremism has reached unprecedented levels in modern EU history. It is, nevertheless, a constant task of the Union not to withdraw from the responsibility to keep the ideal of shared values alive.


Migration, refugees and asylum

Migration is an important part of life on the continent today. European citizens move throughout Europe, while migrants and refugees from elsewhere arrive to build new lives in a European home. Although there are challenges, migrants contribute to Europe’s economic wellbeing and enrich its already diverse societies.


European social model and the future of work

Churches advocate putting people at the centre of labour and employment issues through fair working conditions, social protection, and inclusion. Labour is not only about material wellbeing, but an opportunity for flourishing, service to society, and care for Creation. Work, along with labour in the home and volunteer commitments, should empower people to participate in society to the fullest of their desires and abilities.


European economic governance

The European Union seeks to raise the quality of life for its citizens. Increasingly, churches are concerned with how economic development and the ecological limits of our planet are linked. Effective economic governance must work from this perspective and always move toward a Union attentive to the natural world that sustains us and makes all things possible.

The EU is the largest development aid donor in the world. Financing aid alone, however, will not eliminate global poverty or resolve the crises that perpetuate it.


A more equal and inclusive Europe

Member Churches advocate for the promotion and protection of human rights at the highest standards inside Europe and beyond its borders. We devote attention to a number of specific issues including freedom of religion or belief, anti-discrimination legislation, and developing resources for training and human rights education.

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