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The summer season begins with the European Music Day. Every year on the 21st of June, the day of the summer solstice, music is the main topic of interest in many cities across Europe. The idea for an event of this kind is to encourage composing music and presenting it to its listeners. Professional and amateur musicians from all over the world come together in the major capitals in Europe to perform for free and present their music to the people.

The European Music Day was first celebrated in 1982, on the 21st of June in Paris, at the initiative of the then Minister Culture Jack Lang, whose ...

goal was "to get all musicians out in the streets”. The very next year, 200,000 amateur and professional musicians flooded the venues of the city, performing free of charge all music genres in an unprecedented feast.

Since 1985 numerous other European cities have been participating, offering local audiences interesting musical options. Since 2002, thanks to the efforts of the Italian Association for the Promotion of the Fête de la Musique (AIPFM), over 120 Italian cities have taken part in the Music Day, creating a network that extends over the whole country. Every year, on June 21, a number of live concerts take place in every city, most of which are performed in the open air and feature musicians representing all backgrounds and genres. Free concerts, the importance of musical activity, spontaneity, availability, curiosity, all kinds of music – all of this belongs to European Music Day. Both amateur and professional musicians are free to express themselves, because the event belongs especially to those who make it.

Events ranged from classical to jazz, hip‐hop, rock, dance to traditional music always free for the public and thanks to the generous supporters and sponsors of Music Day. On this day everything is working in favor of Music. Combining entrance free events and productions located in public spaces, the European Music Day Events gives musicians the unique chance to perform and promote their work while it also educates the audience.

Direct goals are to develop effectively Vocational Educational Training and entrepreneurial opportunities in the European music sector, to implement artistic and cultural exchange programs, to support local markets through international projects, to merge institutional programs with private sector assets and last but not least, to promote and communicate all pre-mentioned actions.


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