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Let Lombardy’s lakes take your breath away with their allure, richness and charm.

Lake Garda is the perfect sport for an unforgettable stay, for trying your hand at water sports or for relaxing under the sun on the little characteristic beaches found along the lake’s shores. You can also set out and discover spectacular places on one of the itineraries “Navigazione Lago di Garda” offers. Board boats and enjoy unlimited travel along the lower part of the lake, fron one bank to the other, between the two ports at Gargnano and Torri. Be sure ...

to stop and visit Sirmione, bardolino and Garda.

Lake Como is a place where history, tradition and culture meet, and where art and nature come together. Renowed the world over and full of charm, it is an undisputed favourite travel spot for wonderful getaways. Travel from all over Lombardy to

Varenna and discover this old fishing village with its characteristic little harbour and its famous mansions, monuments anche churches. Hop on board the “Navigazione Lago di Como” boats and move around as you please for a relaxing trip around Bellagio, Menaggio, Cadenabbia, Villa Carlotta and Tremezzo, all the way to Lenno. Villa Carlotta is a splendid 17th century residence in Tremezzo, overlooking the lake: a place of rare beauty where marvellous feats of nature anche human ingenuity fit in perfectly with each other.

Lake Iseo is a gem of rare beauty restled amongst the mountains and hills situated between the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia. Lake Iseo’s banks are home to old villages like Pisogne, to splendid public squares such as the one located at the Port in Lovere, and to pictoresque little towns like Riva di Solto, A must-see travel sport for those wanting to take a relaxing walk along the lake or go on a boat trip to discover places reminiscent of times gone by. Travel by train from all over Lombardy to Iseo, Sulzano or Sale Marasino stations, then hop aboard a boat and head off to explore the island of Monte Isola, once the home of fisherman, which continues to captivate visitors, even today with its timeless charm.

Lake Maggiore is a gateway to spectacular itineraries where the lake and surrounding mountains come together to create a magical setting. Art and culture combine bringing the lake’s shores to life through architectural feats of rare and unrivalled beauty. Lakeside walks take you on visits to charming villages where you can enjoy and take in the many fabulous views. Begin your journey by train from any station in Lombardy to Arona or Laveno, then hop aboard the boat that sails along Lake Maggiore’s beautiful banks and stop to visit Santa Caterina del Sasso, Isola Bella, Isola dei Pescatori and Villa Taranto, famous the world over for its beautiful botanical garden.

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