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Preventing dangerous climate change is a key priority for the European Union. Europe is working hard to cut its greenhouse gas emissions substantially while encouraging other nations and regions to do likewise. Key EU targets for 2020: 20% cut in greenhouse gas emissions compared with 1990; 20% of total energy consumption from renewable energy; 20% increase in energy efficiency Key EU targets for 2030: at least 40% cut in greenhouse gas emissions compared with 1990; at least 32% of total energy consumption from renewable energy; at least ...

32.5% increase in energy efficiency. Long-term goal: by 2050 the EU aims to cut its emissions substantially – by 80-95% compared to 1990 levels as part of the efforts required by developed countries as a group. Turning Europe into a highly energy efficient and low-carbon economy will also boost the economy, create jobs and strengthen Europe's competitiveness.

The EU is pursuing its climate targets through a combination of financial support and regulation. The EU's emissions trading system is the key tool for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from industry at the lowest cost. EU countries are required to support renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and biomass to reach the green energy targets. EU countries have to reduce the energy use of their buildings and industries are required to improve the energy efficiency of a wide array of equipment and household appliances. Car manufacturers have to reduce CO2 emissions from new cars and vans.

Member States have already developed adaptation strategies, with measures such as using less water, adapting building regulations, building flood defences, developing crops that cope better in drought conditions.

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