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Appointment with beauty, Saturday 13 and Sunday, October 14, with the extraordinary opening of over 600 places of art and culture in 250 cities, in all regions. With the FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano, Italian Environment Fund) this week end the «FAI Autumn Days» are held: a great opportunity to visit hidden treasures and jewels that summarize the history, inspiration and creativity of our country. It is a great show of art and beauty dedicated to all those who care about Italian artistic and naturalistic heritage. Also this year the FAI offers curiosity and cultural itineraries: archaeological areas, nature trails, villages, gardens, churches, museums, which for two days are available to all citizens ...

who wish to visit them, as well as excursions and bike rides. Among the openings of the «Autumn FAI Days 2018» in Rome there is the opening of the Bunker of the Termini Station, the Air Force Building and the Presidential Train, formerly the Royal Train of the House of Savoy and other interesting places. In Milan you can visit, among other sites usually not accessible to the public, the Water Plant, Villa Necchi Campiglio, Palazzo Litta Modigliani, Palazzo Marino. With FAI in Naples people can visit the Sant'Eframo Vecchio Complex, Villa di Donato, the Real Botanical Garden. And then there are the Palace of the University in Catania, the Palazzo Duranti in Brescia, the Aragonese Castle of Ortona (Chieti), Ex Albergo Diurno in Modena, the Cantieri Benetti in Livorno, the Termae Romanae in the Locanda di San Martino in Matera, and then there are hundreds of other sites in the city and small towns in all regions of Italy. The list can be consulted on the Fai website

"FAI Autumn Days" are a big popular party that has involved millions of Italians since its first edition. Since 1975 the FAI, thanks to those who support its mission, has invested huge sums for the restoration and conservation of its cultural and natural heritage, has protected numerous historic buildings and protected millions of square meters of landscape: extraordinary places of our country returned to all Italians so that they can come back to live them.
Visitors can also make use of exceptional guides this year: in fact, there are thousands of "apprentices guides", young students who illustrate the historical-artistic aspects of the monuments. To support the Italian environment you can also ask for FAI card: just a few euros a month to make a concrete gesture in defense of the heritage of art and nature of our wonderful country. Supporting FAI is to protect the beauty of Italy and discover many ways to live it day after day. (Anna Ferrero)

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