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European Union is under attack, but now many young people and persons in love with Europe are mobilizing to defend and revive the dreams of the Founding Fathers and the ideals of peace, justice, solidarity that have accompanied the path of strong development in recent decades. They are convinced that this time it's not enough to hope for a better future: this time each and every one of us must take responsibility for it too. And so the «This time I’m voting» movement was born. The mobilization platform for the 2019 European ...

elections held a first meeting in Milan, in the context of “Caffè Europa”, the series of meetings organized by the European Parliament Office in Milan, with personalities, teachers and citizens on the priority themes for the European Union. The activists of the newborn movement have confronted themselves with many young people, citizens and associations and have launched the site «This time I’m voting» ( and the social «#MilanoAmalEuropa» (“Milan loves Europe”).

The director of the European Parliament Office in Milan, Bruno Marasà, explained: "When we contacted the activists, not only the willingness to live a meeting was extended and enthusiastic, but we also found that the majority is made up of young people”. Enzo Floris from Como, 21 years old, is studing international relations in Menton, on the campus of Sciences Po (Paris) and is involving many friends in the campaign «This time I’m voting», because "we live in a lucky age: freedom and rights are recognized like never before. We must protect this fortune and never take it for granted", he says. "I have Europe in my blood", Pamela Ferroni, 19, says: she was born of Polish mother and Italian father in Ferrara. "An individual is also completed thanks to the collective commitment. In the city where I was born and raised I saw Europe investing in green areas and from there I started to feel part of a community that transcends national boundaries", says Antonio De Cesare, 24, from Ercolano (near Naples) and living in Milan.

Many young people and citizens of all ages in love with Europe are convinced that the European Union is at a historic turning point and that to build a better future, dreamed of by the Founding Fathers on the rubble of war instigated by nationalisms, we must be there. For this reason, for the 2019 elections they're not just asking to vote, they're also asking everyone to help to persuade others to vote too, because when everybody votes, everybody wins. Europe is us, it is our future, it is a better world. (Felice d’Adamo)

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