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Il nome di una bambina italiana di dieci anni fra le stelle, con un satellite del sistema Galileo. Antonianna Semeraro è di Martina Franca (Taranto) ed è stata la vincitrice del concorso ''Un disegno spaziale'' indetto dalla Commissione europea e destinato agli alunni nati quando ha preso il via il ... - LEGGI TUTTO

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* 6 luglio 1942: Mussolini invia in Russia l’Armata Italiana (Armir)

* 6 luglio 1945: Eccidio di Schio con 54 fascisti uccisi dai partigiani in carcere

* 7 luglio 1647: Napoli rivolta di Masaniello contro il Vicereame spagnolo

* 7 luglio 1868: la Camera del nuovo Regno d'Italia approva la Tassa sul macinato

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Among the avant-garde Italian excellences there is certainly Leonardo, a great company with a combination of creativity, passion and talent. Key player in the global aerospace, defence and security markets, Leonardo is the synthesis of a great industrial legacy, of a solid commitment to technological excellence and of an ambitious vision of the future. The Italian factory constantly explores new ideas to turn them into new technologies that improve our world and design the future one ...

Leonardo invests in research and development to provide sustainable and competitive solutions and it is everywhere defence and security are needed: land, sea, sky, space and cyberspace. The company works to make the world a safer place, protect people, the environment, networks and information, contribute to scientific research and to the diffusion of a solid technological culture.

Leonardo is headquartered in Italy and has permanent bases with significant production assets in four main markets: Italy, United Kingdom, Poland and United States - where it enjoys a sound industrial and commercial customer base. In Europe Leonardo has also gained a significant presence in France and Germany. Moreover, it has established an important network of partnerships in high potential markets worldwide, in which it is a reference partner for structured industrial collaborations. Leonardo is present worldwide in about 20 countries, with a total of 170 sites. Commercially, there are about 150 countries in the world that every day use products, systems and services provided by Leonardo.

Leonardo offers a wide range of integrated defence and security solutions at the service of   Governments, Institutions and citizens for the various operational scenarios: aerial, terrestrial, naval, maritime and cybernetic. Leonardo’s unique offer is based on highly flexible turnkey solutions that can meet even the most complex requirements, while handling all management phases of critical events and scenarios.

Leonardo operates in the most important international space programmes through two joint ventures created in 2007 with Thales, which form the “Space Alliance”: Telespazio (Leonardo 67% and  Thales 33%) and Thales Alenia Space (Thales 67% and Leonardo 33%) - and through the activities of the Airborne and Space Systems Division. The company provides a complete offering ranging from satellite manufacturing and orbiting infrastructures, up to the management of satellite services and the production of a wide range of high-tech instruments, subsystems, sensors for applications such as Earth observation, remote sensing of atmospheric phenomena and ecosystems, planetary exploration, navigation missions, telecommunications, space exploration and in orbit experiments

The Airborne & Space Systems Division designs, develops and produces a wide range of products and solutions for aircraft platforms that include integrated mission systems, airborne radars and sensors, electronic warfare systems, on-board avionics, aerial target systems and simulation systems. The Division also develops and produces remotely piloted aircraft systems.

The Leonardo’s Helicopter Division performs research, design, development, production, customer support and marketing of a company’s extensive range of modern helicopters for commercial, public service, and security and defence applications. 

The Leonardo’s Aerostructures Division is a partner of major civil aircraft programmes in Europe and in North America. From the Boeing 787  to the Airbus A380, and finally regional turboprop ATR, the Division brings the ability to design, build, test and integrate structures and components to support any programme. 

The Land and Naval Defence Systems Division's products are the heirs of a 100-year old legacy of historic Italian factories that still today design, develop and produce artillery, weapons and torpedoes.

The Security & Information Systems Division is a world leader in safety-through-technology, providing tailored solutions for customers in public administration, public safety and security, critical infrastructure, services, transport, large companies, post and logistics.

As Finmeccanica’s successor, Leonardo celebrated the founding of Società Finanziaria Meccanica Finmeccanica on 18 March 1948, established to manage IRI’s (Istituto per la Ricostruzione Industriale – Italian Institute for Industrial Reconstruction) holdings in the mechanical and shipbuilding industries. On 28 April 2016 the shareholders' meeting approved Finmeccanica’s new name, Leonardo SpA. After sixty-eight years of history, the brand name that has identified the high technology industry in our country, from the post-war period to the present time is renewed in the very modern name of Leonardo da Vinci, innovator in his times and recognised as universal symbol of genius and creativity applied to all fields of inquiry. Leonardo’s story represents the step-by-step creation of an extraordinary heritage of skills, abilities and technologies that  enabled it, throughout the years, to assume an  international dimension, becoming in the present day one of the top ten global companies in the aerospace, defence and security sectors. 

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Apparentemente nella lingua italiana, accendere e spegnere trovano la loro pertinenza (cioè si adattano con determinate parole affini per significato) solamente con il fuoco. Tutte le altre cose che si possono accendere o spegnere sono frutto di metafora. Quindi si accendono e si spengono tutte le cose ... - LEGGI TUTTO

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«Non vi è alcuna strada facile per la libertà». (Nelson Mandela, presidente del Sudafrica, 1918-2013)

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